Green4All Energy Solutions Inc. of the United States has entered into a Strategic Business Alliance with The Encompass Group a Canadian full-service energy and water resource management company. Based in the Toronto, Ontario Region, Encompass has a vast amount of resources and relationships that extend from Halifax to Vancouver.


THE ENCOMPASS GROUP is a full-service energy and water resource management company. Guided by our experienced management team, we leverage our strong partnerships and access to new and existing innovative technologies to assist our clients with developing and executing sustainable strategies for their organisation. We sit at the table with businesses, Governments and NGO’s alike, we work diligently to deliver on their expectations. We are continually engaged during the entire end-to-end process to ensure satisfaction through to completion of the project.


This structure and approach provides “Single Supplier Simplicity”. It facilitates easy and timely access to specialists across all areas of utility supply, conservation and demand management, monitoring management, clean water technology and waste management, but with the convenience of dealing with a single point of contact. And it doesn’t stop there. We know organisations face ever increasing sustainability challenges; as such Encompass is always exploring and expanding our offerings to reflect enhancements within our industry.