69 Unit Multi-residential site experience savings of 14.78%

The Measurement & Verification process was straight forward for this property because no water saving retrofits had been completed in the 24 month period prior to the install. Nevertheless, our analysis was very detailed and factored in the key events that can skew

the analysis results such as occupancy levels, type of facility and incoming city water pressure . We used 24 months of billing and consumption data as well as consumption data for the months prior to the install. This provided us with sufficient data to complete a comprehensive pre-installation analysis. The analysis explored such things as consumption patterns, abnormal or suspicious periods of consumption, comparison of same period consumption year to year and consumption trending.

The installation of the  H2minusO FMD generated significant reduction in water consumption usage
based on the current existing conditions. Because the device treats the entire volume of water entering the facility,
regardless of changes in the buildings consumption patterns and history this facility will continue to experience
savings of 14.78% on their water consumption.

Posted: March 2nd, 2014 in: H2minusO by: 29040451

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