250 Unit Multi-residential site experience savings of 17.15%

This measurement & verification analysis is based on actual billing information as well as daily readings pre and post
installation of the H2minusO valve. Encompass was provided billing details for 24 months up to the Oct 3, 2013
billing period. We also took daily readings for 50 days prior to the install and then for an additional 14 days after the
installation. This data collection allowed us to conduct a detailed comparative Measurement & Verification. The
analysis explored such things as consumption patterns, abnormal or suspicious periods of consumption, comparison
of same period consumption year to year and consumption trending.

The H2minusO FMD  treats the entire volume of water entering the facility, regardless of changes in the buildings consumption patterns and history, this facility will continue to experience savings of 17.15% on their water consumption readings. 

Posted: March 2nd, 2014 in: H2minusO by: 29040451

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